PSA’s new standalone DS brand could bring them back to the US image

PSA Peugeot Citroen was last present in the US back in 1991 with Peugeot and the French automaker is now planning a return in a new form – under the guise of the DS division.

Starting out as Citroen’s foray into the upscale segment, the DS lineup of models would now grow to become a true standalone brand. And as part of the unit’s global growth, the PSA executives also see the DS premium models entering the US market after 2020.

The make’s worldwide strategy sees the upscale marquee being present after 2020 in 200 large cities globally – with 30 of them in the North American region and 20 in the United States, according to DS CEO Yves Bonnefont. A firm decision on that would not come until 2017 and the sales could not start before 2020.

“We want to make DS a global premium brand, and you cannot be global without the U.S.,” he said.

Europe’s second-largest carmaker pulled out the Peugeot brand since 1991 out of the US market and today none of the five models the DS lineup has can be delivered there, because they are not compliant with regulations there. The DS subbrand appeared back in 2010 when Citroen premiered the DS3 and the upscale marquee has reached sales of more than half a million vehicles since, mainly in Europe and the world’s largest auto market – China.

Via Automotive News Europe