Pursuit-ready Ford Mustang is the auto-mod for the Barricade character in Transformers 5 image

While the overall quality of the Transformers franchise has constantly deteriorated, we can’t say the same about the cool rides – even though we’re almost full of GM’s implication.

Bumblebee will always be associated with the Camaro, but other General Motors product placements have always been at least a little shady. Fortunately, that was toned down in recent evolutions – and we can also look forward to the apparition of this new bad boy – Barricade – which has the habit of passing through the unassuming humans as a Police Interceptor Ford Mustang.

With production steady for the Transformers 5 iteration, director Michael Bay is at its game teasing the franchise’s automotive stars of next summer’s The Last Knight. With Bumblebee’s Camaro already out, here we have its Decepticon rival – Barricade looks menacing in its Mustang, which according to Bay’s blog, aims “to punish and enslave.” We have huge hood nostrils, and outlandish fenders. The massive rear wing is a counterpoint to the front bar choke full of lights.

Transformers 5 is looking ready to annoy critics again when it reaches theaters in the summer of 2017, with the movie having stars such as Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, and Josh Duhamel. Here’s hoping that such an important actor as Sir Hopkins will instill some composition to the movie – or at least Bay should make the combat easier to follow.


  • tony

    What do you mean bumble bee will always be a camaro. What is wrong with you you have no credibility whatsoever.

  • Wilhelm Felix

    I don’t really care about Tranformers that movie was crap since the first one. Also i hated it because it was just all a General Motors advertised – movie. I hate bumble bee being that bailouted ugly Camaro. Why coudn’t it have been a Lambo or Ferrari? Yeah because it was all a GM movie. How come they never used Americas best super car the Ford GT or why didn’t they ever use the Mustang? No because it was all about the GM crap. AND now they want to bring in the Mustang back as barricade? Get the f-u-ck out here! Just to show that Ford is the villian and GM are the good guys? Screw YOU GM. F-u-cking bailedout company. Ford is the best. Don’t even bother using the Mustang in that trashy movie. Mustang is way better off in another movie. Transformers sucks. Peiod. It pains me that my childhood was destroyed by this crappy movie. Screw GM. Screw Transfromers and screw Michael Bay. You suck at making movies. AND STOP using that cheesy as-s animation. GOD! … lol