Qoros 2 SUV plug-in hybrid concept debuts in Shanghai image

The Shanghai Motor Show has nailed the official public debut of the Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Concept, after the model has been teased on numerous occasions by the Chinese automaker.

Some of the Chinese carmakers are finally taking their businesses out of infancy, when they simply copied western models and then slapped their badges and new names on top. Qoros is a good example for the new trend, with the 2 SUV PHEV Concept looking fresh and enticing. The subcompact crossover has been designed with “creative young people” in mind, and uses a V-shaped front design complete with vertical headlights. There’s more innovative styling towards the back as well, with sporty extended wheel arches, Led taillights that protrude from the body and an integrated spoiler for the tailgate. Besides the rather traditional (now) panoramic glass roof or a dynamic exhaust system there’s also a neat trick: the charging socket is aircraft-inspired, being lifted automatically with the push of a button – much in the way aircrafts refuel midair. The idea is to allow the driver to steer directly into a matching, fixed socket, which could be mounted in a garage or parking lot.

The interior has not been seen yet, but the carmaker says it has a contemporary digital instrument cluster, complete with ‘floating’ instrument panel and a LR-style pop-up gear selector. Under the hood can be found a plug-in hybrid powertrain that uses a smallish turbo gasoline engine, mated to a couple of electric motors and “ultra-high density batteries.”