Qoros and FreeValve AB develop a cam-less valvetrain concept image

The Chinese automaker and their partners FreeValve AB have taken the wraps off the new concept powered by a “Qamfree” engine during Auto China in Beijing.

The ongoing Beijing Motor Show features the interesting and unique concept of a four-cylinder engine that has dropped the ubiquitous camshaft and related parts. These components are instead replaced by FreeValve’s Pneumatic-Hydraulic-Electric-Actuator technology which in theory should deliver far greater control over the engine’s intake and exhaust valves.” In FreeValve’s words, that “allows independent control over every valve’s precise opening/closing position and timing throughout the whole combustion cycle.” This is very technical, but in one take it appears the PHEA technology may deliver upcoming engines the ability to become lighter, smaller and also more powerful than traditional versions still using the camshaft.

The mainstream competitors may also be trumped by the cam-less engine in terms of fuel efficiency and emissions. By the way, you may have never heard of FreeValve AB – we had to look it ourselves – but you may be pleased to find out the company is related to Koenigsegg and has a laboratory located within the headquarters of the exotic automaker from Sweden. And the FreeValve Chairman of the Board is none other than Koenigsegg CEO Christian von Koenigsegg. “We believe that one day in the very near future, the arrival of FreeValve PHEA technology will represent as big a transition, or bigger, than the move from carburetors to direct injection,” commented the latter in a statement.