Qoros makes Chinese debut in Shanghai image

The Chinese-Israeli joint venture Qoros will make its debut in China during the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show, on the 20th of April.

After making its world debut during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, last month, time has come for Qoros to become known in China too. According to the car manufacturer, the brand will make its Chinese debut on the 20th of April, during the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show. The company will bring its first ever model, the Qoros 3 Sedan, during the Chinese automotive event, along with two more concepts, the Qoros 3 Estate Concept and the Qoros 3 Cross Hybrid.

As a quick reminder, the Qoros 3 Sedan is priced from 16,000 euros on the Old Continent and for a fully loaded version, its future European customers will have to pay up to 20,000 euros. The announcement has been made by a company’s representative, during the Swiss automotive vent. The Qoros 3 Sedan will not come with a right-hand drive version and it won’t even get diesel engines under its hood. The model will be produced in Chine, at a plant in Changshu, which has a 150,000 units annually capacity but it can be upgraded up to 250,000 units or even to 450,000 units.