Qoros is planning to create two new models from its flexible architecture, a BMW 5-Series-sized sedan, along with a large seven-seat SUV.

After the introduction of its new Qoros 3 Sedan, the carmaker has been almost forgotten by the media this new announcement is bringing it back into our spotlights once again. According to the car manufacturer, Qoros will created two new models, one of which will be similarly in size to the BMW 5-Series, and the other being a large seven-seat SUV. The two new vehicles will ride on the flexible architecture of the Qoros 3 Sedan and are expected to hit the market quite soon.

The platform in question is getting a 2,690 mm long wheelbase which can be shrunken by 50 mm, in order to create a competitor for the Volkswagen Golf, which is also being planned, and stretched by 130 mm in order to give birth to a BMW 5-Series-sized car. The rear overhang can also be shrunken by 70mm or enlarged by 230mm, while the ride height can be altered by 200mm, making it compatible with a seven-seater SUV. Additional details on the Qoros models are limited for the moment.


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