Qualcomm to Hire GM’s Borroni-Bird image

Chris Borroni-Bird, former GM employee responsible for the development of futuristic vehicles, plans to join Qualcomm.

Qualcomm is known as the largest seller of mobile-phone semiconductors. After working at Chysler, Borroni-Bird joined GM more than 10 years ago, being responsible for the development and advanced vehicle research. Together with then-GM Vice President of R&D Lawrence Burns and William Mitchell, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Borroni-Bird wrote a book called ‘Reinventing the Automobile’, published in 2010.

GM declared that Borroni-Bird left the automaker to work for another company. Over the last years, he was seen demonstrating various projects such as the pod-like EN-V self-driving vehicle. Jim Hall, a principal of consulting firm 2953 Analytics Inc. in Birmingham, Mich., said that Borroni-Bird was considered the public face of the automaker’s advanced technology efforts.

Recently Qualcomm acquired DesignArt Networks, which is the leader in high-speed wireless backhaul infrastructure, system design for cellular base stations and small cell modem. Qualcomm relies on DesignArt Networks to accelerate and enhance the company’s initiative to boost coverage and capacity in mobile networks.

“Operators can significantly improve user experience across residential, enterprise and outdoor networks given the greater network efficiencies derived by implementing small cells and heterogeneous networks,” said Craig Barratt, president of Qualcomm Atheros.