Quirky Citroen E-Mehari gets styling by Courrèges image

If you buy a fully electric vehicle it’s usually not just to save the planet, it’s also because you want to make a statement – and you can’t stand out in a crowd more than in a Citroen E-Mehari.

The French automaker is emphasizing styling has everything to do with green models by again partnering with fashion label Courrèges for a new limited-edition E-Mehari, building on the success of the 2016 concept – and this time it’s also going in the hands of customers. It’s true that fashionistas will need to hurry up – as only 61 examples of this special edition will be up for grabs. The new Courrèges E-Mehari comes with glossy Vinyl Black exterior, tinted rear lights and glass, as well as 15-inch wheels with black trimming – but Citroen also enlightens the mood with shiny badges. The special series also has a gloss black removable hardtop, along with removable side windows, so this fashion accessory is fit for every moment of the year.

Post-production : Astuce Productions

Moving inside, there’s a two-tone black and white combination – light for the seats and part of the dashboard. Dark goes for the reminder of the dahs and the door cards, and while an aluminum badge shows the production number the owner can place its new, matching Courrèges bag in the back. The E-Mehari is powered by a 30-kilowatt-hour battery with 121-mile (195-kilometer) range in the New European Driving Cycle standard – the electric motor is good for 67 horsepower (50 kilowatts) and 122 pound-feet (166 Newton-meters) of torque. First public outing of the E-Mehari Styled by Courrèges will be during the Paris Design Week at the Galerie Joseph on September 8.