Quirky DeLorean reunion sets goal of building one… out of photos image

The veteran fans of the DeLorean Motor Co. – that company that gave us the Back to the Future vehicle – are scheduled to reunite in Belfast in May and want to build the last one – a quirky sculpture made of photos printed on aluminum.

Interestingly enough, anyone could grab a piece of that final DeLorean, with another odd fact being that the “workers” will also employ a little-known DeLorean Motor tradition – each piece of the aluminum plates will be signed on the inside and then used to produce the car’s body. The wannabe factory workers will need the help of French Artist Cyrill Hatt – he will photo in detail every inch of a DeLorean’s body and then the resulting photos will be printed onto the aluminum plates – the result being an intricate and detailed duplicate of the real vehicle. “It’ll be the last DeLorean workers from the factory will ever build,” comments festival director Michael Weir. No less than 150 former DeLorean employees will attend the company’s 35-year anniversary, celebrated in Belfast between May 3-5. They will sign the inside faces of the plates, mirroring the factory workers that did it when they assembled the 9,080 cars the company built in its short span.

Hatt, a photographer, has experience doing this sort of art with other vehicles, with the sculptures being insanely realistic imprints of production version autos. Once the celebrations are done, the sculpture – or car – will be dismantled and the 600 aluminum plates, each carrying on one side the photo of a piece of the DeLorean car, being delivered to supporters that contributed financially to the sculpture’s creation.