Quirky superhero cars accompany impending release of X-Men: Apocalypse image

While the action is featured in the 1980s, the roster of mutant superheroes featured in the X-Men franchise has been granted via third party fans a full range of superhero-enabled rides.

This isn’t the first time we see Marvel or DC but it’s the first time mutant heroes get treated to the automotive aspect of the business. This is a joint development coming from NeoMam Studios and WhoCanFixMyCar – and we have a list of seven cars specifically tailored to the needs and wishes of the X-Men. First of all, the most powerful mind control mutant on the planet – Professor X – is granted a disabled accessible Tesla Model X, which we have to say is a perfect choice for the iconic character. Charles Xavier gets a wide array of high-tech goodies from the ecological powertrain and also has lots of power under his command… as always.

Quirky superhero cars accompany impending release of X-Men Apocalypse 4

His long time running friend / foe Magneto gets a BMW M6 Coupe with lots of tuning options – and included is the same metal that comprises his helmet to make sure no telepathy will interfere with his metal-bending wishes. Mystique, which is a character that changed sides on more than one occasion, gets a chameleonic BMW i8, complete with the known scale blue wrap. Cyclops gets some American muscle in the form of a Shelby Mustang GT350R. Wolverine, a fan favorite character gets a retro-inspired 1988 Toyota Hilux with lots of modifications, Jean Grey is featured using a Volvo XC90 and the titular villain – Apocalypse is riding the end of the world in a Mercedes AMG 63 6×6.

Via WhoCanFixMyCar