Ram Plans to Boost Heavy-Duty Pickup Sales and Dealerships in the US image

Chrysler’s Ram director Bob Hegbloom said that the automaker will boost commercial van and heavy-duty pickup sales to government fleets and businesses.

As passenger car fleet sales make less profit, automakers begin to focus on heavy pickups and larger commercial vans, such as Ram’s ProMaster, trying to aim at construction contractors, service businesses and other customers who buy more the one vehicle at a time. Hegbloom plans to increase Ram’s dealerships in the US from the current 800 and have one at a distance of 30 miles from each other. At the beginning of 2012 the company had 425 dealers.

“We set them up with facility requirements and they also have a specialized sales force. Selling to a commercial customer is different than selling to a retail customer,” Hegbloom said.

The introduction of the Fiat Doblo compact cargo van in the US has been postponed for 2014, and it will be imported from Turkey. Currently, Ram’s sales will come from the redesigned 3500 and 2500 heavy-duty pickups, which have the highest towing capacity in the industry according to the automaker.

Ram takes the third place as the most-popular pickup brand in the US, after the Ford F-Series and the Chevrolet Silverado. During the first four months of this year Ram’s full-size pickup segment market share has increased to 18.6% from 15.8% in 2012.

Source: Freep.com