Range Rover electric! image

The new offroad Range, will be powered by an electric engine, and will have solar panels on the roof to charge the batteries when they get low and will also power many of the electrical systems.
The prototype was designed by a team in Oxford, England and may be on show room floors next year.   Of course it is anyone’s guess how many of these electric Range Rover will be sold since the price is £95,000 to £125,000 ($174,850 – $230,060).  These prices make the Tesla seem reasonable.

The makers of these new Range Rovers claim that although the initial price for the vehicle is high, car owners will use 80% less power to run than gasoline powered versions.  The owners will also get a tax break by owning the electric Range Rover.

Even in electric form, this Range Rover will have quick acceleration and a high top speed, although the figures for those assertions have not been given.

Moreover, the range of about 350 km, making the model viable in terms of use in different environments and different terrains. Moreover, this is reinforced by the presence of a gas engine, which would take command in case that cel extremely remains completely without electric power.