Range Rover Evoque by Khan Design image

The British aftermarket specialists at Khan Design have taken on a new project, in the shape of the new Range Rover Evoque, which has been upgraded visually.

The creations of the British tuner are mainly appreciated among celebrities and wealthy people and Khan Design is taking advantage of this. Being specialized in modifying crossovers, the aftermarket specialists have proven once again that exclusivity doesn’t come cheap and, in this case, the newest Range Rover model, the Evoque, has received a special treatment.

According to the British tuners at Khan Design, the Range Rover Evoque, or Kahn Evoque as it was named, comes with a new suspension which has lowered the height ride by 35 mm. The brake calipers have been painted in orange, just like the roof, and the pedals have been replaced with new ones made out of aluminum. Kahn Design says that every body panel can be painted in whatever way its future customers want.

Even if the exterior modifications seem to be light, Kahn Design is promising modified interiors, starting from the light color gauges and ending with the leather upholstery. Optionally, its future customers will be able to order RS600 rims in sizes up to 22 inch. The British tuner didn’t provide an official price for its newest creation, but you can be sure that it won’t come cheap.