Range Rover Evoque celebrates five years of production image

The British brand surprised the automotive industry five years with its luxury compact Evoque SUV, a move that proved to be quite a successful one.

Range Rover Evoque reached an important milestone this week as it celebrated its fifth year of production at Jaguar Land Rover’s manufacturing facility near Liverpool, UK. The launch of a compact SUV and the most affordable model in the range proved to be the greatest sales success story for the company, with over half a million sold globally in more than 180 countries in five years. Since the first Evoque rolled off the production line at the Halewood plant on 4 July 2011, demand has increased five-fold from just over 22,000 in 2011 to more than 108,000 in 2015, with a new Evoque now being built every 170 seconds. Due to this fast output rhythm, “employees have clocked up more than three million night-shift hours, consuming 668,000 cups of coffee, half a million eggs and 125,000 slices of toast to keep energy levels up during an eight-hour shift.”

Earlier this year, Halewood began to assemble the dramatic soft-top version of the Evoque, the Range Rover Evoque Convertible, which evidently marked a premiere in the SUV luxury compact segment when it showed its presence. The British automaker has invested 600 million pounds (790 million dollars) at Halewood since 2010 to support the production the Evoques and Land Rover Discovery Sport. Local production of the compact SUV also started in China last year, and more recently, it was announced in Brazil.