Range Rover Sport features new name – Lumma Design CLR SV image

In all earnest, this is only the name of the latest body kit coming from the tuner specialist Lumma Design – but we’re going to use it throughout the story so you’ve been warned, just to avoid any confusion.

The Land Rover Range Rover Sport already has a very long name so adding the Lumma Design CLR SV to the mix would have made for a lengthy lecture – so let’s shorten it all out to the SV. Yep, since James Bond’s latest flick is doing the rounds and toping the box office, Lumma Desing might have thought the latest installment in the long running franchise might have raised yet another unit the awareness level of the RR Sport. So their latest kit iteration has been named SV instead of the previous CLR RS and comes packing both visual and technical punches. The British supercharged 5-liter engine has been treated to some doping and now instead of 550 horsepower comes with 680 ponies. Sprint capability has thus been improved and the 0 to 100 km/h time has been dropped to a flat four seconds.

Secondly, the SV comes with a widebody kit including a new carbon fiber bonnet, refreshed front bumper, side skirts, wider wheel arches, and rear bumper packing a diffuser and a sports quad exhaust system with quad 105-millimeter tips. The presence is supported by Lumma’s 22-inch wheels clad in 305/35R22 Vredestein tires. Opinions might be biased though towards the new tw-tone paint job: mostly black featuring spoilers, brake calipers and a thin stripe on the black wheels in a bright green hue to make sure it would stand out from any crowd.