Range Rover Sport gets updated by Caractere Exclusive image

Caractere Exclusive has officially introduced a new aftermarket visual package which is now aimed towards the Range Rover Sport.

If you happen to have bought the new generation of the Range Rover Sport and you are now looking for something to make it more appealing, than you have probably come to the right place, because modifying such a vehicle will most of the times transform it into something kitschy. Caractere Exclusive, however, has managed to create an appealing body kit for the British vehicle which will definitely turn some heads.

According to the tuning company, the model in question has received a custom front bumper, fender flares, a roof mounted spoiler, a more prominent diffuser, a different rear spoiler and two trapezoidal exhaust tips, which are now larger. The styling kit has been made from polyurethane and because this has been chosen over carbon fiber, it means that it will be cheaper. To complete the looks of the vehicle, 22-inch alloy wheels, with a graphite finish, have been added to the model too.

Sadly, the images posted below are simple renderings at this time so the final product may turn out to be quite different than what we get to see here. We are not sure at this time whether the tuning company will provide some engine upgrades too and we don’t even know how much this styling kit will cost, when it will become available, but these details will probably be announced in the near future.