Earlier today, January 28th, South Florida rapper Rick Ross crashed his Rolls Royce into a building.

According to the police Rick Ross was driving his Rolls Royce in Fort Lauderdale earlier today, when someone opened fire on the vehicle causing it to crash into a building. William L. Roberts, Ross’ real name, was driving the silver 2011 Rolls Royce on E. Las Olas Boulevard at about 5 a.m. when shots were fired. Ross, 37, and his passenger Shateria L. Moragne-el, 28, were uninjured.

The gunman fled the area before the police arrived and officers are currently looking for suspects. Ross and Moragne-el didn’t want their names to be released fearing for their safety. Witnesses said they heard about 20 shots and the motive for this shooting is still unknown.

“The occupants of the vehicle have asked for their information to be withheld from being released,” Fort Lauderdale Police spokeswoman Det. DeAnna Garcia said. “They obviously, with everything that just took place, are fearful for their lives and their families lives.”


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