Rare Jaguar XKR-S and BMW 630i Coupe ruined by crane in Belgium image

A very rare 2008 Jaguar XKR-S and a BMW 630i Coupe have been recently ruined in Belgium by a crane which dropped a fuel tank on tipped over and crushed the two sports cars.

We have always said here on inautonews.com that where ever there will be exotic cars there will also be exotic car crashes and if we’re usually used to saying that the expensive vehicle has been ruined after its driver pushed the gas pedal too hard and lost control of the wheel, this isn’t the case here, because the two cars in question were parked when the unfortunate incident happened.

According to the guys at GT Spirit, the very rare 2008 Jaguar XKR-S, out of which only 200 units were produced for Europe and it was sold for 150,000 euros, along with the BMW 630i Coupe, have been ruined by a crane which tipped over while trying to position a huge fuel tank. The crane was working on a new gas station next to the shop and the result was what you can see in the image posted above. The unfortunate incident took place in Belgium a few days ago.

Source: GT Spirit