Ratan Tata says JLR mulling North American factory location image

Numerous reports – with some of them conflicting – have been making the rumors round lately in regards to Jaguar Land Rover Group decision to further expand its production base outside the United Kingdom home base.

Now the news of the possible expansion scenario come from a more reliable source – Tata Motors Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata – with the executive saying the British premium automaker is indeed mulling a North American auto plant as it seeks to further tap the bustling demand for luxury autos. Tata was leading his namesake Indian conglomerate when it acquired the luxury marquees back in 2008 from second largest US automaker Ford Motor. “The company is indeed looking at North America as a location for another plant, ” said Tata during a visit to the South Carolina Automotive Summit. He refrained from specifically saying which country – or, if the factory is in the US, which state – is Jaguar Land Rover assessing, or whether besides North America they are also searching for a new production site elsewhere in the world.

His comments shed light on the recent media reports that cited unnamed sources, with Jaguar Land Rover being courted by Georgia officials as they sought to win the bid for a factory location. Additionally just last week England’s Birmingham Post – a newspaper close to the JLR headquarters also cited anonymous company sources that said the company was instead exploring Austria and Turkey, not the North American region. Ratan Tata retired from his position as chairman of the family controlled Tata group back in late 2012.

Via Automotive News Europe