Ready to race: This is the Opel Astra TCR image

Opel, GM’s European division has just announced that is launching the 2016 Opel Astra TCR (Touring Car Racing) racing model – a vehicle that can operate under the rules of global TCR International Series.

The racing car that is expected to be displayed during the 2015 IAA ( Frankfurt Motor Show ), is powered by a 2.0 liter turbo-charged engines that will have a total output of 330 hp an 310 Nm of torque. From the images released by the Germans we can see that the vehicle comes with wide track and aggressive aero to keep it stable at high speeds.

“Touring car racing has always been an important part of Opel. The philosophy of the new TCR series corresponds to our idea of customer racing. We want to give ambitious privately owned teams a platform for exciting sport at reasonable costs,” said Opel Group CMO Tina Müller.

Opel is expected to provide the full specifications of the Astra TCR during the IAA in September – and testing is scheduled for the month of October.

What is interesting here is that some elements that are coming with this race car could be seen on the upcoming Astra OPC.


TCR International Series, a motor racing championship for touring cars began at Sepang on March 28 and fill finish on 22 November in Macau at the Guia Circuit. Seat is competing with the Leon Cup Racer and we also have the Golf TCR, Audi TT Cup and Honda’s Civic TCR. In total for 2015 there are scheduled 22 races in 11 different locations across Europe and Asia.