Rear-engined Kia Cee’d made by Mito Motorsports image

A one-off extreme Kia Cee’d, with a rear engine and a lot of power, has been recently unveiled by the engineers at Mito Motorsports.

The Kia Cee’d can be considered just a regular car which is an interesting alternative to the VW Golf and other vehicles in the segment but who would have thought that the hatchback has what it takes to end up in a poster on the wall of 10-year old boys. Well, we kind of have the answer to that question and it’s a two-word one: Mito Motorsports.

The engineers at Mito Motorsports have recently taken on the Kia Cee’d and what came out can only be named “impressive”. According to the company, the Kia Cee’d in question has a dramatic change, which is the engine being moved to the back of the vehicle, meaning that the South Korean hatchback has just become rear-engined.

Besides moving the unit to the other end of the car, the engineers at Mito Motorsports have also pumped it and the 2.0 liter turbo diesel is now generating a total output of 200 horsepower (147 kW), but the company is saying that the output will eventually be increased to 300 HP (220 kW). The rear-engined, rear-wheel drive Cee’d’s weight distribution is at 43:57.