Rebadged Chevrolet Volt to be added to Chinese Lineup in 2011 image

Seems like it’s time for the Chevrolet Volt to add one more corporate brand on the list. The General Motor’s glamorous and extended-range electric vehicle is set to head China as a Buick in the year 2011. As per the GM-filed Chinese copyright images, this car is destined to share sheetmetal with the European market, which is the Opel Ampera. Well, this will be the safest bet played by General Motor’s by heading on to the route of Buick in China.

In the Middle Kingdom, the tri-shield marque performs its position in a very perfect way. In fact, the Buick-badged Volt and Ampera would complement the already existing Excelle and Regal sedans. The Excelle is also recognized as the Opel Astra, and the Regal is recognized as the Insignia in various other parts of the world. The Buick branded Volt is at present remained unnamed and will be brought together at the Hamtramck plant of General Motors. The car will be imported to China in the first half of the year 2011. Later, it will be scheduled to unveil in the next half of 2011.

For the Volt EREV, the re-badging of Buick would be the fifth on the line. This model will join the other fellows of General Motors’ brands – Holden, Vauxhall, Opel, and no doubt, Chevrolet. This Chevy model is likely to get ready by the end of current year, whereas, the other model, Opel is about to be ready late in the year 2011. Besides this, the models Holden and Vauxhall have been assigned a fixed year for their release, which is in 2012. Now, the only thing remained is the General Motors, which is playing carefully with its plan, launch, and lineup’s. One can only get the actual outcome when the car will be launched in China.