Reborn Jaguar E-Type first showcased during Techno Classica image

Original examples go for millions of dollars these days but Jaguar itself has come up with a much more affordable – yet still limited offer – the perfectly restored Series I E-Type, costing about $360k.

While owners of the original originals might beg to differ, Jaguar Land Rover is delivering a classic today with all the bells and whistles of the period when it was contemporary. And the company has become quite the expert at honoring such important projects – they created the Land Rover Series I Reborn and XKSS continuation specials and now have also decided on a very limited series of 10 perfectly restored Series 1 E-Types. The first example getting the craftsman treatment is a 1965 Fixed Head Coupe with an Opalescent Gunmetal Grey hue, with the legendary British sports car taken for the first time in front of the worldwide audience of the Techno Classica Essen show in Germany in April.

Reborn Jaguar E-Type first showcased during Techno Classica 1

The first owner of the unit bought it in California in May 1965 and the car was stored starting 1983 after covering 78,000 miles – body, engine, and gearbox all have the original serial numbers. The E-Type Reborn program uses Jaguar Classic Parts to match exact factory specifications, and prices start from 285,000 pounds. Jaguar can even add a modern feel – adding upgraded parts from later years of the E-Type – better cooling from the E-Type Lightweight, a fully synchromesh gearbox, and front brake calipers.