The US automaker has announced it will service 289, 254 cars of the 2009 and 2010 model year Impala line in the United States due to an issue with a sensor module.

The carmaker has said the possible damage to the front passenger presence sensor module can also lead to the airbag’s fuse short. The affected vehicles have production dates from April 25, 2008, through February 16, 2010. According to the company, it is possible for the lower portion of the front passenger seat frame to rub against the wires for the passenger presence sensor module. In certain occasions, the damage will make it impossible for the sensor to recognize there’s someone on the seat and thus disable the corresponding airbag. More so, the issue can lead to the airbag fuse to short out. And if that happens, the entire security system is compromised because it disables all airbags and seatbelt pretensioners in the vehicle.

Chevrolet said the owners would become aware of the problem because the vehicle warns them at least three times if the fault ensues. At first, the passenger airbag status light would signal it’s off even when a passenger rides in the seat. There should also be a warning on the driver information display and a warning light. The problem was reported by an employee back in March and the company initiated an investigation – Chevrolet seems to have been aware of the issue during early 2010 manufacturing and since then they started coating the wires with abrasion-resistant tape. Now the dealers will replace any damaged wires and the others would also be coated in anti-abrasion tape.

Via The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


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