Recall roundup: 1.9m Toyota Prius cars image

Toyota Motor Corp has issued a recall which affects a total of 1.9 million units worldwide, because a programming glitch in the hybrid system.

The Japanese based automaker Toyota has recently announced a worldwide recall for 1.9 million units of the Prius, because of a programming problem spotted in the hybrid system. According to the car manufacturer, about half of the models affected are found in Japan and 713,000 units in North America. The issue found is in the software used to control the boost converter, in a hybrid system module.

“The setting of the software could cause higher thermal stress in certain transistors within the booster converter, and these transistors could deform or become damaged as a result. This will result in various warning lights being illuminated, and will probably cause the vehicle to enter a failsafe mode”, said Toyota.

No incidents of injuries or crashes have been announced because of this problem. Owners of the model will be announced by Toyota and the necessary repairs / replacements will be made free of charge. This represents the third recall for the five-year old Prius. If you own such a vehicle, you should contact your local Toyota representative to find out more about the recall.