The issue could result in some confusion among the other traffic participants or even let the driver to shift out of park without securing the car in place with the brake pedal.

The 2013 Hyundai Elantra has been called back into services in the United States because of a new issue with the brake lights. These work all too well – due to a defective switch that is tasked to control the brake lights, as they could be prevented from turning off. This could result in confusion for the rest of traffic participants, as they wouldn’t know if the Elantra owner was really braking or not. For the owner itself the problem is a bit more serious – because it allows them to move the automatic transmission out of park without actually pressing the brake pedal as per usual.

According to Hyundai the brake pedal stopper pad can be worn out faster over time, allowing the switch for the brake lights to remain depressed although the actual pedal isn’t. Hyundai recorded a piling number of warranty claims for the issue starting 2014, which continued to surge in 2015 and this year. Now the automaker has decided to order a safety campaign, currently affecting about 64,500 Elantras in the country – the dealers will look after the customer’s repair schedule, which will be done after the brake pedal stopper pad is replaced free of charge.



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