Recall roundup: 250,000 Nissan vehicles image

Nissan Motor Company has recently announced a recall which will affect 250, 000 units of its vehicles because of an issue with the fuel rail of direct injection engines.

According to the Japanese based automaker, 250, 000 units of the Juke, Infiniti M, March and other vehicles will be affected by this recall and owners of the above mentioned models will have to take a trip back to the dealers in order to get the problem fixed with the fuel rail of direct injection engines. Nissan says that if ignored, this might lead to a fuel leak in extreme cases and even fires, crashes and injuries and because of the fuel rail pressure sensor which might be insufficient tightened on certain vehicles and it might gradually loosen, but until now, no reports have been received and no accidents and injuries happened because of this issue.

The Nissan Juke crossovers which have been made in Britain, the Tiida subcompact vehicles, made in China, the March/Micra hatchbacks developed in India and the Serena, Infiniti M and QX made in Japan, between 2009 August and 2012 January. Out of the 250,000 units affected by this recall, 93,000 are in Japan.