Recall roundup: 2M Suzuki cars worldwide image

The Japanese based automaker Suzuki has recently announced a recall for no less than 2 million cars worldwide, because of the ignition switch issue.

The newest car manufacturer to be affected by the ignition switch problem is Suzuki as this has recently announced a recall for no less than two million cars, across the globe. The recall is also affecting a number of Chevrolet Cruze sedans which are currently made by the company for General Motors. According to the report, the ignition switches in the affected vehicles may begin to smoke.

Most recalled vehicles are from Suzuki’s home market, where no less than 1,873,000 vehicles will have to be taken back, by their owners, to the dealerships. This also includes the Cruze and a number of cars made for Mazda, such as the AZ-Wagon and the Carol. The recall is also affecting the Suzuki Alto, the Swift and the Wagon R.

The carmaker says that all affected vehicles have been produced between 1998 and 2009. The report is also indicating the fact that none of the Chevrolet Cruze sold in the United States has been recalled as the campaign is limited to the European, Japanese and Australian markets. Approximately 67 incidents have been related to this condition and all of them are coming from the Japanese automotive market. If you happen to own one of the models mentioned above, you should contact your local Suzuki / Chevrolet / Mazda dealership in order to find out more about the subject.