Recall roundup: 400k units of the new-gen Renault Clio image

The French based automaker Renault has just announced a recall for the new generation of the Clio because of some problems with its braking system.

Despite becoming popular instantly thanks to its new revolutionary design, the new generation of the Renault Clio is having its fair share of problems as it is currently being affected by a recall. According to the car manufacturer, the B-segment vehicle has a problem with the installation of the inner wheel well liner which should be protecting the vulnerable mechanical components from water and rocks, so the problems are not the brakes themselves.

In the affected vehicles, the liner has not been properly installed and this can lead to premature deterioration of the brake hoses, increasing the risk of a crash and injury. No less than 400,000 units of the Renault Clio, created until the 4th of February at the Bursa factory in Turkey, will have to be taken back to the dealers for an inspection. The necessary repairs / replacements will be made free of charge and if we are talking about an inspection, this will take 20 minutes but if the pipes need to be replaced, this should take around 4 hours.