We could leave the news filling blank because everyone knows already what’s it all about from just reading the title that has “Takata airbags” in it – after all we’re dealing with the largest single product recall in the history of the automotive industry.

Everybody has found out about now that Takata-made airbags tend to malfunction, sending shrapnel and debris into the car when the airbag is deployed to save the life of the occupants. Interestingly, the new recall from Toyota is actually affecting some autos that have had the airbags already replaced for the same problem, according to reports. The total is of 5.8 million vehicles sold in Europe and Asia. The Takata airbags use an ammonium nitrate explosive inflator that can degrade when there’s high humidity and high temperatures. The issue has been tied to more than 16 fatalities so far around the world, most of them in the United States.

The industry-wide safety campaigns have been continuously widened – especially since May this year when the worldwide transport authorities considered about 100 million Takata airbags as defective, because they don’t have a drying agent in the explosive compound. Toyota’s recall involves the Corolla, Vitz or Yaris, Hilux, and Etios vehicles produced between May 2000 and November 2001, and April 2006 and December 2014 for both driver- and passenger-side airbags.


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