Honda Motor Co Ltd has recently announced a recall for the CR-V and Pilot SUVs in the United States of America because of a problem with the vehicles’ headlights.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 554, 000 units of the Honda CR-V and Honda Pilot, from model years 2002 to 2004 in the first one and 2003 in the latter, will be affected by this recall and their owners will have to take a trip back to the dealers in order to get the problem with the headlights fixed. Honda says that parts of the headlamp wiring system can fail, causing the low-beam ones not to work and even increasing the risk of a crash.

The Japanese based automaker didn’t receive any reports of crashes or injuries because of this issue, but even so, owners of the 2002-2004 Honda CR-V and 2003 Honda Pilot will have to take their vehicles back to the dealers, which will inspect for faulty wiring in the headlights. The inspection and possible parts replacement will be done free of charge. Owners will be notified in late April but until then they can contact Honda at 800-999-1009. The Honda CR-V was recalled earlier this month too because of a problem with its handling.


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