Recall roundup: 600.000 Volkswagen and Mitsubishi units image

Mitsubishi and Volkswagen have recently announced two recalls which will affect a total of 600.000 units world wide.

The fourth largest automaker in Japan, Mitsubishi Motors Company, has recently announced a recall which will affect a total of 300.000 vehicles locally. According to the car manufacturer, the recall is covering nine small models, including the Minica and the family-sized eK Wagon, because of engine oil leaks. The 299.320 vehicles which will be affected by this recall have been made between July 2001 and April 2006 and no model has been sold outside Japan. If ignored, the oil leak will first light the oil pressure gauge on the dashboard and in a worst case scenario the inside of the engine could be scorched, leading to an engine failure. 112 malfunctions have been reported since December 2004 and three cars have completely broken down.

Besides Mitsubishi, Volkswagen has also announced a recall which will affect 300.000 units of its models because of some potentially leaking fuel lines to the fuel injector system According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the injector line can develop small cracks which might lead to fuel leakage under certain conditions. Neither Volkswagen nor the NHTSA are currently aware of any fires, crashes or injuries because of this problem.