Recall roundup: 700,000 Toyota vehicles image

The Japanese based automaker Toyota has recently announced two recalls which will affect almost 700, 000 units of its vehicles for a problem with a lamp switch and a part in the steering wheel.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 681, 000 units of the 2005 to 2009 model years Tacoma pickups along Camry mid-size and Venza crossovers will be affected by this recall, and the first one has a problem with a part in the steering wheel, while the rest have to be fitted with a new stop lamp switch. The NHTSA says that owners of the 495,000 Toyota Tacoma pickups will have to take a trip back to the dealerships because of a part in the steering wheel which needs to be replaced, along with 70,500 Camry owners and 116,000 Venza owners, who have to get the stop lamp switch replaced.

Toyota says that it’s not aware of any accidents or injuries in either case and no reports have been received regarding the two problems by now. On the Toyota Tacoma, dealers will replace the steering wheel spiral cable assembly because of the friction which might occur over time, resulting in the driver’s side airbag being deactivated and not deploying in a crash, while on the Camry and Venza, the silicon grease during assembly might lead to increased electrical resistance which can cause the vehicle not to start or the shift lever not to move from the ‘park’ position. Owners of the affected models will be contacted in April and the fixes will take about 30 minutes.