Recall roundup – BMW for fuel leak and engine stall issues image

The German automaker will have to service for free 136, 188 vehicles in the Unites States for a problem with the fuel pump that can cause fuel leaks and engine stalls.

There are also 18, 284 units in Canada, and it appears that the company has already issued service calls for the same problem in China, Japan and South Korea. The affected models are the 2010-2011 5-Series Gran Turismo, 2011-2012 528i, 2011-2012 535i, 2011-2012 550i, 2012 640i,
2012 650i, 2007-2011 X5, 2008-2011 X6 and 2010-2011 X6 ACTIVEHYBRID. Apparently, the in-tank fuel pumps have insufficiently crimped wire contacts. This will cause extra heat and in time it’s possible for the contact pins to melt – so the fuel will leak. When the pump isn’t working the engine may stall.

BMW learned of the problem in June 2011 from customer complaints of smelling gasoline in the vehicle. Back in 2014 the company decided to extend coverage on the part to 10 years in the United States because complaints kept coming. That year the company put in place a recall for the problem in China, then in 2015 in Japan and this year in South Korea. In the US the recall will start in December and dealers will replace the fuel pump module on the affected vehicles.

Via The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Transport Canada