Recall roundup: Chevrolet Malibu for fire risk image

The North American based automaker Chevrolet will be soon announcing a recall for the Malibu sedans, in the United States, because of a problem with a bad wiring harness, which may lead to a fire.

According to some reports, which are quoting sources from inside the company, approximately 15,000 units of the Malibu sedan will be affected by the bad wiring harness problem. The models affected have been fitted with the optional power front seats and the wiring harness in them could fray against the seat frames, which could lead to a fire. Apparently no reports of injuries or crashes have been received so far, related to this issue.

Besides the fire risk, several other Chevrolet Malibu vehicles will be recalled because of some issues in the HVAC system. According to the same sources, the affected vehicles have a defective defroster in the HVAC but rather than causing a fire, the defroster may just not work when necessary and this is important for visibility. A total of 44,000 vehicles will be affected by this recall, increasing the total number to approximately 59,000 units. More details on the subject will probably be announced soon by the NHTSA.

Source: Reuters