Recall roundup: Dacia Duster in Romania image

The Romanian based automaker Dacia has recently announced a recall for the Duster SUV on its local auto market because of a problem with its rear brakes.

According to the car manufacturer, 3, 818 units of the Dacia Duster SUV will have to be taken back to the dealers in Romania because of a problem with its rear braking system. Dacia says that some components from the rear braking system will have to be changed and, if necessary, this operation will take place free of charge. Changing the components might take up to three hours so owners of the Dacia Duster in Romania will have to be quite pacient.

“If the snow accumulates on the flexible rear brake support, there is the possibility of fatigue fracture of one of the rigid brake lines in the brake cylinder mounting”, as Dacia says in its official press release.

The car manufacturer didn’t say when owners of the Dacia Duster in Romania will be announced of this recall and the company didn’t say when the recall is expected to begin. The Duster is the second best-sold vehicle in Romania and only in 2011 the automaker managed to sell 7,252 units on the local market. In the same year, the Duster was the best sold SUV in Spain and France.