Recall roundup: Dodge and Jeep SUVs for fire risk image

A new recall has been announced by Dodge and Jeep and it’s affecting some SUVs because of a fire risk.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a total of 895, 000 units of the Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee will be affected by this recall and their owners will have to take a trip back to the dealers because of a wiring in the sun visor which can short circuit and lead to a fire, increasing the risk of injury.

“If a stated vehicle was involved in a repair related to servicing the vanity mirror and/or headliner, the wiring – located inside the sun visor – may be subject to short-circuit and fire if not appropriately reassembled by the dealer. This condition is not present in vehicles which have not had the headliner or vanity mirror serviced”, says the company in its official press release.

The affected Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango models are from the 2011-2014 model year and out of the 895,000 units affected, 651,000 are in the United States, 45,700 in Canada, 23,000 in Mexico and 175,000 have been sold outside the NAFTA region. The company’s dealerships will be inspecting the vehicles and make the necessary repairs / replacements, free of charge. For any extra details on the subject owners can contact Chrysler at 1-800-853-1403 or the NHTSA at 1-888-327-4236.