Recall roundup: Dodge Journey and Fiat Freemont for engine cover problems image

FCA US LLC has announced a new recall, this time for the Dodge Journey and Fiat Freemont vehicles, because of some issues with the engine cover.

According to the car manufacturer, there are an estimated 144,416 units of the crossover in the United States which will be affected by this recall. The company says that the engine covers in certain models may become dislodged and if they will come in contact with the exhaust components, this may lead to a fire. An investigation of three incidents in Chile has led to the discovery of this condition.

“Engine covers in certain vehicles may become dislodged. If they come in contact with exhaust components, it may pose a fire risk. This condition was discovered during an FCA US investigation of three incidents in Chile. In each case, the vehicle had been driven extensively on unpaved or uneven surfaces. The Company is aware of a single related injury, described as minor”, says the automaker in its press release.

The affected vehicles are the 2011 to 2015 Dodge Journey and Fiat Freemont CUVs, which have been equipped with the 2.4 liter four-cylinder engines. The company’s dealers will be installing the upgraded engine cover retainers in these models, free of charge, and the remedy will become available next month. This is also when the recall will kick off officially. There are 43,679 units in Canada, 46,231 units in Mexico and 115,405 units outside the NAFTA region. For more details on the topic, owners can contact FCA US Customer Care Center at 1 800 853 1403.