The North American based automaker Chevrolet has announced another recall, which is affecting all Camaro units assembled since 2010.

General Motors is going from worse to hell once more as the company had to announce a recall for its most popular muscle car, the Camaro, in its new generation. What is worse on this recall is that it does affect every unit of the new-gen Camaro which has been produced since it was launched in 2010. This basically means that the total number of the recalled muscle car will reach a staggering 500,000 units and the same number of unhappy customers.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the affected new-gen Camaro will have to be taken back to the dealers because of the same key FOB problem. The NHTSA says that the driver’s knee can bump the key FOB and he / she can cause it to move out of the “run” position, leading to a loss of power and increasing the risk of a crash. The potentially deadly issue, as it has been called by the automaker, has been discovered during an internal testing earlier this year. Repairs will be made free of charge and Camaro owners can contact GM or its dealership network in order to find out more on the subject.


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