Recall roundup: Ford Focus EV image

The North American based automaker Ford is getting ready to announce yet another recall for the Focus Electric because of a problem with the powertrain control module.

Owners of the Ford Focus Electric Vehicle will not be happy to find out that their “green” cars will be the subject to a completely new recall. The announcement hasn’t been made already but according to the guys at The New York Times, the models in question can actually result in a loss of power in the front wheels because of some problems with the software in the powertrain control module which will increase the risk of a crash and injury.

Rumors are saying that the new Ford Focus EV problem has been reported by fewer than two dozen owners, but the company will recall approximately 2, 500 units from the 2012 to 2014 model years. No accidents have been reported yet and it seems that the carmaker is aware of the problem ever since August. This isn’t the first time when the Ford Focus Electric is the subject to a recall and it has been sent back for the non-working door chimes and for a “wiring incompatibility” in the headlights. The model is also supposedly under investigation by the NHTSA for the “Stop Safely Now” problem.