Recall roundup: Holden Cruze for driveshaft issue image

Holden has recently announced a recall for the Cruze in Australia because of a driveshaft issue which is affecting almost 3, 000 units of the model.

Owners of several Holden Cruze units in Australia will have to take a trip back to the dealers soon because the company has recently announced a recall for a driveshaft issue, which is also affecting 172,000 units of the Chevrolet Cruze sedans, in the United States. According to the car manufacturer, a total of 2,712 units of the Holden Cruze sedans and hatchback will be affected by this recall in Australia, including more than 600 for the second time in the last 6 months.

The recall in the United States is affecting the sedan units equipped with the 1.4 liter turbo petrol engine, the Australian one is affecting to the 1.8 liter petrol equipped Cruze models, with a manual transmission. A total of 39 reports of defect have been received from local customers but it seems that no accidents or injuries have been related to this issue. The recall is believed to start very soon as the owners of the affected Cruze models will be notified by Holden. The repairs will be made free of charge.