Jaguar has recently issued a recall for the F-Type sports car because of a problem with the passenger airbag.

Being one of the best looking cars ever isn’t saving the Jaguar F-Type the embarrassment of a recall, which had to be announced recently by the carmaker. It seems that the model in question has a problem at the connection between the Occupant Classification Sensor Control Module and the Seatbelt Tensioner Sensor, which may have been wired improperly. This basically means bad news for the front seat passengers, because the passenger airbag will be affected by this problem and it can lead to serious injury.

The vehicle normally knows when to deploy the passenger airbag, but if the Seatbelt Tensioner Sensor has been wired incorrectly, this will not happen anymore and it coupe pose as a threat for both an adult and a child, in a child safety seat. The total number of affected Jaguar F-Type vehicles has reached 7,079. The car manufacturer isn’t aware of any reported injuries which have been related to this issue. Owners of the models are currently being notified by dealerships. For any extra details on the subject, F-Type owners should contact their local Jaguar representative. In the U.S., the recall will begin on the 5th of January.


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