Recall roundup: Jaguar F-Type, XF and XJ for two separate problems image

Jaguar has recently announced two separate recalls which will be affecting the F-Type, the XF and the XJ.

The British based automaker Jaguar is currently getting ready to fix a couple of problems spotted with the F-Type, with the XF and with the XJ. According to the car manufacturer, two recalls have been announced, one for all three models, because of a problem with the electrical system, and one with the sports car alone, because of a passenger seat belt tensioner system.

The first recall, which is covering all three models, is affecting the 2015 model year versions, produced between late August and mid-September. The issue has been spotted to the positive battery cable which can come loose at the alternator. This can result in an electrical short and it may even lead to a fire. The cars are also recalled because of the Front End Accessory Belt and / or Power Assist Steering pulley might detach or come loose, increasing the risk of a crash.

Besides these problems, Jaguar is also recalling the F-Type along. According to the carmaker, the sports car has a problem with the passenger seat belt tensioner system. This will be affecting the 2014 and 2015 model year vehicles. For more details on the recalls announced here, owners of such models should contact their local Jaguar dealers.