Jeep has issued a recall in Australia for its 2014 Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee SRT because of a problem with the adaptive cruise control.

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Jeep has issued a recall in Australia which is affecting the Grand Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee SRT. The ACCC says that owners of these models will have to take a trip back to the dealers because of the adaptive cruise control which has the tendency of unintentionally accelerate to very high speeds, increasing the risk of a crash.

“After the adaptive cruise control has been overridden the vehicle may experience unintended and continued acceleration. If the defect occurs, it may result in very high speeds and make it difficult to stop of slow the vehicle. This poses an accident hazard to other road users”, says the ACCC on its official website.

A total of 423 units of the 2014 model year Jeep Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee SRT will be affected by this recall in Australia. The company’s dealers will be inspecting the vehicles and make the necessary repairs / replacements free of charge. This is part of a global recall affecting 10,700 units of the Cherokee, Grnad Cherokee and Dodge Durango, produced between January 16 and April 17, this year.


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