Jeep has recently announced a recall for the current generation of the Grand Cherokee in Australia, because of a problem with the fuel pump relay.

The current version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is currently the subject of a recall which has been recently announced in Australia. This is actually the 13th recall instigated on the Jeep Grand Cherokee in the past 13 months and it is making the model one of the most recalled ones currently on sale. According to the local automotive media, the reason for announcing the new recall is a potential problem with the fuel pump relay but in the past, the vehicle had to be driven back to the dealerships because of the adaptive cruise control, the fuel tank, brake booster, vanity lights, rear turning lights, key, airbags and steering.

The newest recall to be announced on the current Jeep Grand Cherokee is related to the fuel pump relay and it seems that all the vehicle needs is a software update in order to get passed this issue. The affected models are from the 2011 model year, in the diesel variants, and in the 2012 and 2013 in the petrol versions and the total number of affected units stands at 14,527, so if you happen to own such an example, you should probably contact your local Jeep representative in order to find out more about the recall. This year, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the second most popular SUV in Australia, after the Toyota Prado.


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