Recall roundup: Lotus Evora for missing sticker image

The British based automaker Lotus has recently announced a recall for the Evora, because of a missing sticker.

When writing about recalls we are used to seeing words like “life threatening”, or “fire” or “crash risk”, but in some rare times, we also have to tell you about the cars in the opposite pole, like the Lotus Evora, in this case. The popular sports car has been recently recalled because of a missing sticker. This has to be one of the strangest recalls in history, considering its nature, and the fact that it’s affecting just 28 units.

According to the British based automaker, the affected Lotus Evora vehicle have been produced between September and November 2012, and their owners will have to take them to the dealership because they are missing a sticker. Lotus says that the models in question don’t have the advanced airbag requirements on the passenger side. A total of 28 units of the Lotus Evora will be affected by this recall. Additional details on the subject are limited for the moment, but if you own a Lotus Evora produced between the dates mentioned above, you should probably contact the carmaker.