Recall roundup: Mercedes-Benz A-Class image

The German based automaker Mercedes-Benz has recently announced a recall for more than 6,000 units of the new A-Class generation, because of some problems with the passenger airbag.

Problems in paradise for Mercedes-Benz which, just a few weeks after the Citan has received a total of 3 stars in the Euro NCAP tests, a recall has been announced for the new A-Class generation. According to the German based automaker, more than 6,000 units of the new A-Class will be affected by this recall because of a problem with the passenger airbag.

“The market launch in Germany was in September of last year. In other European markets it was launched much later, so the overall number won’t be that much higher”, as a Daimler spokesman told Automotive News Europe.

According to the car manufacturer, a total of 6,174 units of the A-Class hatchbacks, manufactured between July and December 2012, will have to be taken back to the dealers. The problem discovered is at the passenger-side airbag, which may not deploy in case of an impact, because of some poorly executed laser perforations in the dashboard. Owners of the 2013 Mercedes-Benz A-Class, produced between the dates mentioned above, should contact their local Mercedes dealership.