Mitsubishi has recently announced a recall for several vehicles across Australia, because of a defect with the circuit board in the lighting and turn signals switches.

The Japanese based automaker Mitsubishi has recently issued a new recall in Australia, for several vehicles. According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), more than 110,000 vehicles will be affected by this problem and their owners will have to take a trip back to the dealers in order to get the defect with the circuit boards, which are affecting the turn signals and lighting switches.

“Due to inappropriate structure of the base for the lighting switch platform, a crack may develop in the soldering in the printed circuit board between the base and the platform caused by the repeated heating cycle of expansion and contraction”, says the ACCC.

The affected Mitsubishi cars include the 91,000 Colt, Lancer, Evo, Grandis and 380 passenger cars, along with the 23,000 units of the Outlander and Pajero, assembled between 2004 and 2008. The recall should begin soon and owners will be notified by the company via mail. The recall should take up to 30 minutes and it will be made at no cost to owners. For more details on the subject, you should contact your local Mitsubishi dealership.


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