Recall roundup – Mitsubishi’s CVT to be serviced for hesitations during acceleration image

The Japanese automaker has decided to service some of the models equipped with its constant velocity transmission in the United States because of an issue that causes hesitation during acceleration.

A total of 82, 436 vehicles have been affected by the safety campaign as follows: the 2016 Lancer with production dates from October 12, 2015, through April 27, 2016; the 2016 Outlander with build dates from May 11, 2015, to April 26, 2016; and the 2015-2016 Outlander Sport from June 25, 2014, to July 8, 2016. After departing from a stopover or following coasting areas the CVT’s range switch can have a signal loss, the transmission’s ECU then incorrectly assumes the driver is shifting from Neutral to Drive and the software wants to cut power to prevent the gearbox from being damaged – this aspect could prove dangerous if the owner is turning against traffic or merging on a highway.

Mitsubishi found out about the issue early this year in January thanks to a customer who complained – and more reports came in the months to follow. The CVT supplier JATCO investigated and found the range switch is causing the hassle – dealers will now reprogram the CVT control unit with updated software. This is the second time the CVT gets recalled – the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a campaign for a fire hazard due to leaked transmission fluid in the 2015 Outlander Sport.