Recall roundup: Nissan Australia for Takata airbag problems image

The Australian division of Nissan has recently announced a recall for several of its vehicles because of the Takata airbag inflators.

If you believed that Nissan Australia is safe from the Takata passenger airbag inflators issue, think again, because the car manufacturer has recently announced a recall which is covering several of its vehicles. According to the car manufacturer, the new recall announced by Nissan in the Pacific country is including approximately 102,000 vehicles and it is following basically an expansion of the massive global recall of the Takata passenger airbag inflators. This is basically linked to the announcement made by Toyota Australia, just a day ago, in which 181,000 vehicles are being recalled, made between 2003 and 2007, for the same issue.

The new recall announced by Nissan Australia isn’t really that precise because it is not known at this time which exact models are affected by it but the carmaker is in the process of studying exactly that and announcing it as soon as possible. Once this will be confirmed, the company will start contacting owners of the affected cars, as soon as the parts will become available, and the necessary replacements will be made at no cost to the owners. The global Takata problems have now risen to no less than 31 million cars. For any extra details on the topic, you can contact Nissan Australia customer assistance center at 1 800 988 334.